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Eric Kim Photography - Camera/Photo - 9,821.

04/10/2017 · As for going Fuji. I have an X-E2s 35mm 1.4, 35 2.0 and 27 2.8 and it’s a fantastic camera and the 3 looks even better. But I really want something that I can stick in a pocket or shoot with super fast and the GR snap mode looks good for that without too much of a loss of image quality. RICOH GR III image quality is still about 10x better than iPhone Pro. Also, the RICOH GR III is the superior "standalone camera" by far. Superior high ISO, far sharper, more detail, and quicker controls you can change exposure compensation much easier. iPhone Pro photos are stuck in Camera Roll/iCloud: Benefit of shooting with a standalone. 11/03/2016 · The Ricoh GR II is my favorite digital camera for street photography. Why? I love the aesthetics minimalist, the ergonomics how well it fits in my hand, as well as the image quality RAWmy Lightroom presets get me 80. 02/03/2018 · Been following Eric for a while and really enjoy his pov/philosophy on street photography. I have a opportunity to grab a GRIII for $199 USD. Is that a good price and a good starter camera into the Ricoh world??? Any feedback would be much appreciated, thank you! 29/05/2018 · Hi, my dad is doing some street photography with the Ricoh GR II and how is wondering what kind of battery life you are getting with this camera and he is only getting about 100 shots out of a fully charged battery.

The GR II was announced in 2015 and was basically a GR with Wi-Fi and NFC wireless connectivity. There’s no mention of NFC connectivity in the GR III, so it’s unclear whether that feature will be retained. The Ricoh GR III will be launching in early 2019. Pricing and exact availability have yet to be announced. 18/07/2016 · Street photographer Eric Kim has shot raw images for much of his life. There. Street photographer Eric Kim on why you should stop shooting raw. shot in “cross-processed” JPEG mode on Ricoh GR II, straight out-of-camera." Image credit: Eric Kim. 05/12/2016 · Street Photography: Settings for Ricoh GR II Started Dec 5, 2016. Program - Eric Kim swears by this for set and forget, although I think he likes to fix the ISO, and then up and down the ISO based on the lighting to get the shutter speed minimums he wants. The Ricoh GR III is the successor to one of the most celebrated digital cameras in the street photography community. If you were to sit there and compile a list of cult cameras, the majority of them would be analog–but in the digital world, one can consider the predecessors to the Ricoh GR III to be cult classics.

31/07/2019 · Hi guys, I’ve recently got into photography, partically street photography. I currently use my iphone 7 but I’m looking at two cameras Fuji X70 and the Ricoh GR ii. I’m just wondering which would be best? I like the idea of being able to add additional lens attachements to the Fuji but I’ve read the GR is a beast when it comes to street. 25/09/2018 · The Ricoh GR III is a pocketable, lightweight camera with a newly designed 28mm equiv. F2.8 lens and 24MP APS-C sensor. It features a sensor-shift shake reduction system which can also be used for simulating the effect of an anti-aliasing filter along with a hybrid autofocus system. Eric Kim. Downsides of iPhone Pro for Photography.• RICOH GR III image quality is still about 10x better than iPhone Pro. Also, the RICOH GR III is the superior “standalone camera” by far. Superior.

次々と発売されるカメラやレンズを手に入れてしまいたい、という浮かんでは消える煩悩と向き合うためにブログを書いて. The new Ricoh GR II has Wifi pointless, slightly faster burst mode never use this, and some new JPEG filters. So if you have a bigass camera and want something smaller for street photography, I think you should just pick up a used Ricoh GR on eBay, Craigslist, or somewhere else. This is my review of the Ricoh GR II. I do portraits and street photography and all of the photos in this post are shot with the Ricoh GR II Digital. I love this camera, and it's I agree with the 96 crazy-positive reviews on ! Update: The new Ricoh GR III just arrived. See the specs of the Ricoh GR III on Amazon Here is a comparison.

Richo GRIII FORUM - Eric Kim.

20/06/2013 · With the launch of the Nikon Coolpix A we marvelled at how, in the space of a year, the idea of a large sensor compact with a fixed, prime lens, has gone from being an obscure niche as it was when Sigma launched the original DP1 to a burgeoning and competitive area of the market. Now, with the Ricoh GR, Pentax Ricoh has added to. 17/06/2015 · The pocketable RICOH GR II features the same core specifications as the older GR, which means the same excellent 28mm equivalent F2.8 lens and 16MP APS-C sensor. The white-balance algorithm of the Mark II has been tweaked to improve the precision of Auto White Balance control and fine-tuning of the. Dust issue on the Ricoh GR: how bad is it ? 18 February 2016 by Harold Glit. As most regular readers on this blog know, my “every-day- carry everywhere” camera is the Ricoh GR or GRII. The GR is exceptional in many ways:It is very compact despite featuring an APS sensor; it comes with an 28mm equivalent fixed focal length.

RICOH GR III as currently the best camera on the market,. Eric Kim. flipped into Eric Kim Street Photography. Cameras. Why RICOH GR III is the Best Camera.. RICOH GR III as currently the best camera on the market, and the best camera made thus far. I have never used a camera with photos that came out so. ERIC KIM STRAP is your minimalist companion on the streets reminding you to JUST SHOOT IT. Handmade from durable 100% artisinal leather, your strap will wear beautifully with you. Rather than mass produced, ERIC KIM STRAP is handmade in small, limited edition batches in order to preserve a superb level of craftsmanship, artistry and quality. A list of the GoPro Street Photography Videos I have done! 6:17. Street Photography With the Leica M9 and GoPro HD 960 in Los Angeles - Duration: 6 minutes, 17 seconds.

23/11/2013 · PetaPixel: Hi Eric, could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? Eric Kim: Great to chat with you. To start, my name is Eric Kim and I am a street photographer currently based in Berkeley, California. I have been shooting street photography since I was 18 I am 25 now, and started my street photography blog around 3 years ago. 03/02/2017 · As of early 2017, my only camera is the Ricoh GR II, which has a fixed-focal 28mm lens. I wanted to share my personal experiences shooting with a 28mm lens, after shooting with a 35mm lens for almost 6 years. Lansing, 2013 shot on Leica MP35mm f/2Kodak Portra 400 film First of all, I still.

I was looking for a good quality strap for my Ricoh GR. And this strap fits perfectly with the Ricoh or another small camera. The leather is soft and really good quality, not too wide and adjustable in length. I like the Eric Kim products so much. This strap is not my first product so i can say his stuff is made with love and from high. Ricoh GR issues Like any camera, the GR is prone to faults and does need to be taken care of. They are hardy little cameras and can take a bit of a beating, but you should still make sure you are using a wrist strap and not dropping it down the toilet or something.

03/04/2017 · Why Sharpness is Overrated. Apr 03, 2017. Eric Kim. Share. Tweet. 0. like the Ricoh GR II, the Fujifilm X100T, or the Fujifilm x70. These non-interchangeable lenses are generally very compact, thin, light, and very sharp. Eric Kim is an international street photographer. 13/11/2019 · Episode 2 of This Week in Street TWiS is now available! Each episode breaks down the top street photography and related stories from around the net plus anything else I find interesting along the way! This week’s show includes Fuji firmware updates, stuff Leica people say, a. GR III Screen Protector for Ricoh GR III Digital Camera,ULBTER 0.3mm Ultra-Clear 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Flim Edge to Edge Protection, Anti-Scrach Anti-Fingerprint Anti-Bubble Anti-Water [3.

Review of the Ricoh GR II for Street Photography ERIC KIM. Loading.

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