A Bottle of Wine a Day is Good for You, So Says a World-Famous Scientist

Some people will need no convincing that drinking wine is good for their heart health, but being told that drinking an entire bottle of wine each day is better for them, well, even my wine connoisseur friend Susan McGalla may need a little convincing on that one.

Former World Health Organization alcohol expert Dr Kari Poikolainen claims that drinking up to a 10 units of wine per day is not only good for you, it’s better than drinking no wine at all. In his opinion, enjoying a bottle of wine each day improves your health more so than being a teetotaler.

The world famous scientists also concluded from his study that drinking is only harmful to the human body when done in excess of 13 units per day, which amounts to around five pints of beer or more than one bottle of wine.

On the flip-side of that scientific train of thought is a newspaper comment made by Julia Manning from think-tank 2020Health who said in part that “alcohol is a toxin, and the risks outweigh the benefits”.

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